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High quality contactors from Austria have many type for example micro contact, mini contactor, contactor for capacitor etc. included other switchgear products such as motor circuit breaker, overload relays, push button and pilot lamp.

The main switches in the surface mounted version are available for 10A to 100A current. The switch is ready mounted in a polycarbonate enclosure. The enclosure offers the protection degree of IP 65 and is therefore well prepared for outdoor use.

High Perfomance Power Capacitor for Power Factor Correction. High level safety through drying technology and all-phase overpressure disconnector and Long working life
Time Switches

is switch for saving money and time by time controller. Analog and Digital type with/without batterry backup.1 C/O and 2 C/O contact, Made in Germany.
Terminal blocks

is terminal for connection low and extra low voltage electric circuits with copper solid, stranded or aluminium conductors. They have Screwed and Spring type. Brand ONKA from TURKEY
Multifunction Digital Power Meters

M850-LCDN, is economic digital power meter with LCD back-light display for meaure electrical parameter for example Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Harmonics, etc. Brand Multiek from England.
NP40 - Portable power quality analyzer

NP40 is the professional device to analyze the power system quality, supply the harmonics analysis and power quality data analysis, also provide big memory for the data storage.
NEW Plug-in relays R2N, R3N, R4N

R2N, R3N, R4N is Plug-in relays which develop from R2, R3, R4 by improve quality and still replace with same existing model including other accessories.
Motorized change-over switch CMO

The three and four pole change-over switches, with motorized operation, allow remote control of change-over/breaking/disconnection under load of power circuits in low voltage systems use for ATS application.
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