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PRODUCTS => TECHNOELECTRIC => Manual change-over switches 32-3150 A
Change-over switches manually operated suitable for breaking and permutating two low voltage electrical circuits.
CSP Manual change-over switches 32-3150 A

They are made by two standard switches of VISUALCOMPACT P or F series (see relative sections for technical characteristics, pages 23-73) mechanically interlocked.
The arrangement of two switches mounted one on top of the other makes this execution particularly compact and easy to connect to cables or bus- bars.

  • 3 positions I-0-II
  • version without 0 position (I-II)(*) on request (**)
  • load break switches vertically or horizontally interlocked
  • visibility of fixed and moving contacts by means of windows
  • indipendent fast action operation
  • double break contacts
  • high breaking capacity (AC-23A IEC 60947-3)
  • high electrical and mechanical endurance
  • resistant to damp heat (IEC 68-2)
  • wide range of accessories
  • rotary front operation by means of:
  • external double insulated handle with door interlock in I and II position.
  • IP65 degree of protection. Padlockable with up to three padlocks in 0 position.
  • version for by-pass available only up to 1250A 35kA
  • special executions of 6-8 poles changeover available.
  • storage and transport ambient temperature -25°C +55°C
  • working ambient temperature -20°C +45°C
  • relative humidity max 95%
  • rated frequency 50-60Hz
  • altitude max. 2000 m a.s.l.
  • pollution degree 3 according IEC 60947-1
  • duty (IEC 60947-1):
  • eight-hour duty
  • uninterrupted duty
  • intermittent duty 60% class 30
  • temporary duty
  • periodic duty
(*) Overlapping functions 1,1+II,II up to 1250A
(**) Only CS and CO types, up to 1250A 35 kA
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